Never Come Back

This is one of our own projects under the Pontiflunk Press imprint – the first reprint of this fantastic 1941 thriller since the 1980s.

The Old Straight Track

Sometimes we just publish books ourselves for fun, too, under the Heritage Hunter imprint – in this case a new edition of an old topographical classic.

A Submariner’s Tale

We edited and typeset this hilarious and ribald memoir by a former member of the Submarine Service on behalf of Navy Books in 2016.

Rhinos on the Lawn

We worked closely with the author and publisher on this history of Cotswold Wildlife Park, editing and designing the whole book.

Two editions were produced, including a premium hardback with beautiful endpapers and head/tailbands. We also helped with the research, using the park’s archives to select and reproduce a set of photographic plates for the book. We have since worked with this client on a WW1 memoir.

The Theatre Careers Handbook

This book was typeset for Casting Call Pro, a leading online service which matches actors with auditions and casting agents.

Actors’ Handbook

We provided editing and typesetting services for several editions of this book published by Casting Call Pro.

My Last Seven Lives

Working closely with the author, on behalf of The Oxford Editors agency, we offered four cover designs, and typeset the book.


This cover was designed for the self-publishing author, based on a brief he supplied.


Cloven was one of seven books (six of them fiction) published by small press reverb. We provided full fiction copy editing and proofing as well as typesetting and design for the whole series.

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