We can take your project from idea to publication. Here are some of the key services we offer…


We can advise on suitable routes to publication for your project, how long it might take to complete and costs, as well as the fiddly details such as ISBNs and ISSNs.


In the case of a book project, we can work closely with the author to shape a first draft into a better book, advising on structure and flow, whether fiction or non-fiction. We can also advise on how to structure content for magazines.


All content, whether it’s for a book or a magazine, benefits from the eye of a copy editor and proofreader – we can apply our trained pedants to your text to make it accurate.


We’ll help you get the look of your project right, setting up magazine page grids, book covers and interiors, to guarantee a professional feel.


Once the look has been defined, you need to know the typesetting is done in the right way for the type of project – we’ll sort out those widows and orphans, and certainly know our hyphens from our en-dashes!


And then there’s the end result – we have long experience in print production (but we’re also not afraid of digital formats), and can liaise closely with printers to make sure your publication comes out beautifully.

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