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Self-publishing help


For books up to 100,000 words long, and with up to 10 pictures/charts/tables we will:

  • Run a quick editorial consistency check on your text
  • Format your book for print
  • Provide MOBI/Kindle and EPUB ebook files too!
  • And ensure your cover is formatted properly for both.

If you don’t have a cover, we can recommend cover designers.

DEVELOPMENT/STRUCTURAL EDITING One of our editors will read your book and provide you with a report on it, looking at style, structure and pacing, as well as characterisation and point of view in the case of fiction, and offering advice on how to improve them where needed. They will also review any changes you make in response to this feedback.
Prices: between £10 ($13) and £15 ($20)* per 1000 words

COPY EDITING A copy editor reads your manuscript at the detailed level, and will mark up the text (using Word’s track changes feature) for issues of style, accuracy and consistency. We’ll warn you beforehand if your manuscript isn’t ready for this stage. When you’ve responded to the corrections, we’ll review your responses and give further feedback if required.
Prices: £9 ($12) to £14 ($19)* per 1000 words.

PRINT TYPESETTING We can offer two routes for print:
1. A choice of attractive templates for simpler books with up to 10 illustrations for a flat fee of £200 ($250)*, including a free ebook version.
2. A bespoke design, either because you need something more distinctive or because you have lots of images, tables or diagrams – prices are typically between £5 ($7) and £10 ($13)* per 1000 words.

EBOOK FORMATTING If you just want your ebook formatted for submission to the leading platforms such as Amazon, Apple or Kobo, we can advise on the complexities.
Prices: start at just £100 ($133)* for formatting a straightforward book of up to 100,000 words and with up to 10 pictures.

PROOFREADING Proofing happens after a book has been formatted, and consists of a careful read-through for typos and formatting errors. (If your budget or schedule is tight, we can also quote for a ‘proof edit’ which combines copy editing and proofreading in one hit.)
Prices: £5 ($7) to £8 ($11)* per 1000 words.

ADVICE And we’re happy to provide advice on all aspects of the editing and typesetting processes, as well as wider options for publication in general. An initial email consultation is free, and advice always remains free while you’re our client.
* Please note: prices are subject to 20% VAT if you’re in the UK or elsewhere in the European Union; but not so if you are elsewhere in the world or are VAT registered. All services are subject to a minimum fee, based on a word count of 40,000 words, even if your project is shorter than that.

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