Order your Book Consultation

You have questions. They might be big:

  • Is my book any good?
  • Is my book publishable?
  • Does my writing make sense?
  • What are my publishing options if my goals are X?
  • What sort of help do I need next?

They might be smaller:

  • Have I punctuated the dialogue correctly?
  • Is this introduction sufficiently compelling?
  • What font should I use?
  • Should I use white or cream paper?
  • How do I use my ISBN?

Ask away! I’m sure I can help. I’ve helped hundreds of authors like you.

Order a book consultation

So please send me your book file/s if possible – and your book summary/synopsis please (you have one, right?) – and use the form below to tell me about your situation or what your questions are at this stage. I will then spend time looking at it and giving you an honest, informed response which will take your publishing journey forward. I charge £49 (USD$64) for a single book. I can’t possibly read your whole book for that amount – but I can read enough to get a sense of what help you might need and how to take things forward, so you can take action. I’ll aim to do that within a week, and keep you informed. And if you happen to go on and want further editorial/design help from me – no pressure at all to do so – I’ll give you a £49 discount.

NOTE: I only provide this advice by email. This means you always have something to refer back to and it helps me to organize my time – I’m afraid I don’t generally do phone/video calls. Our email conversations will be confidential, but if there’s general advice that might benefit other people I might extract that for others without compromising your privacy/confidentiality.

ANOTHER NOTE: I will gladly check your files for you as part of this service (e.g. to ensure they are to the correct specifications), but not make editorial or design changes or create new files – for these you’d need to discuss how I can help work on your book here.

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(It all helps to get the feel of things. Everything you share here is completely confidential, of course. If you are requesting a year of support, just name your latest book here.)
Remember: these can be about the writing, down to a level of precise detail, the style, the quality of your argument, or other issues such as what your book might need to make it suitable for publishing, how much you should charge for it, whether your cover design or interior formatting is any good, what platform to use, who to ask for further help… anything! (Reminder: I can't read the whole book for this fee, but I'm certain I can provide a useful response from what you send me.)
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    Please attach any relevant files – this might be a Word file of your whole book, a sample few chapters, your cover design, layout files, illustrations… and please include your summary/synopsis if you have one. The more I can get the feel for your book, the more I can help. (You can send up to 64Mb here – if that's not enough, try zipping your files and sending a .zip, or drop me a line.)
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