You want new leads for your business.
A book would help with that.
You don’t know where to start.

We’ve all heard ‘everyone has a book in them’ – but perhaps you’ve never considered writing one yourself. Maybe you don’t see how it would help you and your business. Or you’re just anxious about having to be a ‘writer’. Perhaps you’re daunted by the publishing process:

  • how should a book be structured?
  • what does editing involve?
  • how do you get a book designed?
  • what’s an ISBN number exactly?
  • how can I get a book out in the marketplace?

But one thing’s certain: you really know your stuff. Whoever you are, you know your business area in great depth, and you have knowledge worth sharing.

We’re about to launch a new service to help you create a business or self-help book to

  • establish your authority in your field
  • generate new leads for your products or services
  • share your expertise with your customers.

Let us help you.

‘You made it all completely painless and improved the book no end while you were at it’ – Damien Owens

‘Thanks so much for everything! It’s been a wonderful process and I look forward to doing it again’ – Carrie Jo Howe

‘Many thanks for your brilliant comments – exactly what I needed as a novice author!’ – Mick Jenkins

‘I’ll miss this process, it’s been a delight, and I’m proud of what the book has become. Thank you very much’ – Fiona Stocker

Our team of authors, editors and designers makes books for major publishing companies as well as individual authors. Just like you in your own field, we really know our stuff.

We’ve helped experts like you in all sorts of fields to get their books out…

Please get in touch and we can start to help you.

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