UB snapshot

TitleAuthorDev editorCopy editorProofreaderStatus
Dolly Considine's HotelEamon SomersMarytbctbcDEV (ed)
Rory Hobble and the Voyage to HaligogenMax HawkerHaltbctbcDEV (ed)
Power of Love LeadershipSarah HigginstbcMarytbcCOPY (ed)
Better Before BiggerNick CramptbctbctbcPENDING
DiscardedMark CicconeGarytbctbcDEV (auth)
Survival MachinesSte SharpHalDerektbcTYPESETTING
A Melancholy EventDan GlaisterSueAndrewtbcCOPY (auth)
The Mash HouseAlan GillespieRusseltbctbcDEV (ed)
Governance in International SchoolsKevin RuthtbctbctbcPENDING
Simba ChaiSir Michael McWilliamJamestbctbcDEV (ed)
George Canning Is My SonJulian Crowen/aAndrewtbcCOPY (auth)
Making a Difference (revised)Aimee SpectortbcAndrewtbcCOPY (ed)
The War on Disabled PeopleEllen CliffordSuetbctbcPENDING
Growing by NumbersDella Hudsonn/aAndrewDerekPROOF (ed)
TitleAuthorDev editorCopy editorProofreaderStatus