Welcome from LiberWriter

So what happened to LiberWriter?

Prepare to Publish took over the site in 2019 but due to various changes in the publishing world, we have now closed it down as a separate site. However, all past customers of LiberWriter can access a discount for new formatting jobs: in the form below, just use the code we’ve emailed you, or contact us to request it, and then return here. We now offer paperback/hardback formatting as well as just for ebooks – but note the DIY option is no longer available, so your text needs to be complete.

What about my old books?

If you have old ebooks which were stored at LiberWriter, you will have downloaded them as .mobi files when you published them – Amazon no longer supports .mobi and all platforms accept .epub. If you have lost the files, we can retrieve and convert them for you, but there is an admin charge of $50 for one ebook or $100 for all ebooks that were in your account. To request this service, please use the form here.

Request formatting for a new book

The prices below include one round of corrections to your formatted book – further rounds would be by arrangement only and there would be a fee.