Setting up an account with IngramSpark

If you want your self-published book to be available through outlets other than Amazon alone, IngramSpark offers a popular option. It is also possible to order copies of your book in bulk. In general, pricing at Amazon’s KDP and IngramSpark platforms is very similar.

Pros of IngramSpark:

  • Cheaper colour printing, and more options for colour
  • Distribution to online stores other than Amazon
  • Bookshops and libraries can order copies through the Ingram catalogue
  • Hardback book options

Cons of IngramSpark:

  • More complex set-up process
  • Set-up fee (up to £49) – although this can often be waived through using a discount code
  • Sometimes books published through IngramSpark have longer availability times on Amazon
  • £25 fee (per file) if you want to make revisions to your book after publication

Account set-up step by step

  1. Visit Create Account at and set up an account with your name, email address and password.



2. You then need to accept various policy agreements – these cover Ingram’s relationships with various retail partners, etc.

3. Before you can set up your book, you will need to supply Ingram with:

your bank account details, for the money they will pay you when books have been sold

details of a debit/credit card – this is so Ingram can charge you for revisions if you need to make them, and the set-up fee (if applicable)

Note: if the blue button shows ‘Set up your account’ as in the screenshot below, you have not fully completed this set-up process yet.