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Your Family History

Here we provide the whole editorial package for Dennis Publishing – a four-person team that does the commissioning, editing,...

The History & Heritage Handbook

We published this under our own Heritage Hunter imprint – it’s the most comprehensive book of its kind.

Discover Your Ancestors

We provide the whole editorial package for this annual bookazine and its monthly digital-only sibling: commissioning, editing, proofing, design.

Watching the Leaves Dance

This is the sequel to And Still the Music Plays – again, we edited and typeset it for Hawker...

And Still the Music Plays

We edited and typeset this fascinating bestselling book of dementia case studies, which is reminiscent of the work of...

Discover Touring

We do all the design for this twice-yearly bookazine and its companion digital magazine, published by Discovery Media.

A Conscious Englishman

We did this book cover for this novel about the poet Edward Thomas for micro-publisher StreetBooks.


This is a thrice-yearly membership magazine we design for the Fortress Study Group.

Facing the Strange

Here’s a book cover we came up with for this novel published by boutique micro-publisher StreetBooks.

Residential Property Investor

We have done all the editorial design on this bi-monthly magazine for the Residential Landlords Association since 2005.

Never Come Back

This is one of our own projects under the Pontiflunk Press imprint – the first reprint of this fantastic 1941 thriller...

Caring Times

We first worked on Caring Times in… 1999! We still work on the production side of every issue, and...

The Old Straight Track

Sometimes we just publish books ourselves for fun, too, under the Heritage Hunter imprint – in this case a...

Australian Journal of Dementia Care

We have designed every issue of this bi-monthly spin-off from the UK journal since it was launched in 2012...

A Submariner’s Tale

We edited and typeset this hilarious and ribald memoir by a former member of the Submarine Service on behalf...

Journal of Dementia Care

We have provided design and editorial services on this bi-monthly journal, published by Hawker Publications, from 2006 to the...

Rhinos on the Lawn

We worked closely with the author and publisher on this history of Cotswold Wildlife Park, editing and designing the...


We typeset seven issues of this respected poetry journal, edited by award-winning poet Fiona Sampson, before it moved to...

The Theatre Careers Handbook

This book was typeset for Casting Call Pro, a leading online service which matches actors with auditions and casting agents.

Property Professional

Having previously designed all four of the National Federation of Property Professional’s regular magazines, we then oversaw this amalgamation...

Actors’ Handbook

We provided editing and typesetting services for several editions of this book published by Casting Call Pro.

Discover Art

We provided all the design for this one-off print bookazine, along with six bi-monthly digital issues from 2013-2015, published...

My Last Seven Lives

Books Magazines
Working closely with the author, on behalf of The Oxford Editors agency, we offered four cover designs, and developed...


This cover was designed for the self-publishing author, based on a brief he supplied.


Cloven was one of seven books (six of them fiction) published by small press reverb. We provided full fiction...