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Seen my ad in Dense Discovery?

“You don’t even need to have written a book,” said the ad. What does that mean?!

What I mean is you may have already created enough content in other forms to be shaped into a book – it could be a collection of blog posts (more than 50 would be good). It might be a series of presentations or white papers you’ve created in the course of your work. It could be online course material, or even a set of podcasts or videos (let’s say around six hours or more of audio/video would be a great start).

Perhaps the idea of writing a whole book daunts you – or doesn’t interest you, but having a book to support your expertise and thought leadership does. Let’s start a conversation and I can often help you get a book out of you that you don’t even need to write! (Note this isn’t the same as ghostwriting, but is a form of expert editing of your collection of content, shaping it into a useful form for your audience.)

Let’s talk about your new book

If you’re self-publishing a non-fiction book, I can:

kind words from authors I’ve worked with

Not only are you helping me to make this a better book, I know my writing will be better whenever I put fingers to keyboard in future! My heartfelt thanks to you Andrew for your incredible support and contribution. I cannot thank you enough for your expertise, empathy and encouragement along the way.
Kate Trafford, Master Coach
Kate Trafford
I am nearly done with going through the copy edits you suggested (super, super helpful – thank you!). I loved the comments – supremely helpful – and incorporated much of them into the draft.
Pascal Finette, Strategic advisor to high-level entrepreneurs
Pascal Finette
Your attention to detail, your professionalism and all dealings have been absolutely first class.
Andrew Jarrett, Former Wimbledon tournament referee
Andrew Jarrett
I’ve gone through all your edits, and it’s exactly what the book needed. Prepare to blush when you read the final acknowledgements!
Guy Windsor, Consulting swordsman and historical martial arts expert
Guy Windsor
It’s a genuine privilege to have someone improve your work in this way and I’m delighted with what you have done with the manuscript.
Paul Harris, Employee engagement and staff retention expert
Paul Harris
You have been brilliant and my book is now in much better shape than it was.
Robin Hanbury-Tenison, Explorer and founder of Survival International
Robin Hanbury-Tenison
It all looks amazing, I can’t thank you enough. Your suggestions are indeed very helpful and it’s always good to get another perspective, as I’ve been living and breathing it for a couple of years!
Sheila Lamb, Fertility expert
Sheila Lamb
Thanks so much for all your incredible diligence and all your work on my behalf. It looks great. What immeasurable patience and kindness. I was deeply touched by your approach.
Lucy Aykroyd, End-of-life doula
Lucy Aykroyd
The ebook went to #1 in its category and is climbing fast in another… You have helped me more than anyone on this. Thanks for all that you’ve done. I couldn’t have done this without you.
Mike Franklin, Teaching/education coach
Mike Franklin
Andrew, thank you SO MUCH – you have been brilliant. I can’t imagine wanting to work with anyone else in regards to my future books. Very grateful and really appreciate that you’ve pulled out the stops. You are amazing.
Nikki J. Owen, Award-winning speaker, founder of the Healing Hub
Nikki J. Owen
OMG I’m so excited. It’s like the best journey to go on, this book writing malarky… Thank you very much for all your hard work and patience. it’s been lovely working on this with your support.
Penny Haslam, Broadcaster and award-winning motivational speaker
Penny Haslam

(Many more testimonials available!)

Here’s just a small sample of the many books I’ve helped with…

about me

I’m based in the Cotswolds in England, but have clients in the US, Australia and Europe as well as across the UK. I’ve been involved in publishing for nearly 30 years, working with many major magazine and book publishers and independent authors and businesspeople. I’m a Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, the Alliance of Independent Authors, the Society of Authors and other related organisations. I’ve helped hundreds of authors like you make better books.

I have a network of excellent, trusted freelancers who have have turned out books for many major publishers, independent presses and individual authors, so if I’m too busy to help you directly, I can engage the right people on your behalf.